Unlock your abandoned carts

Add promotional items, offer incentives and close sales on abandoned carts with Parachute.

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Parachute is now available on the Shopify App store!


How Parachute works

Parachute saves your abandoned cart as a Shopify draft order, giving you the ability to add products or promotional items, adjust pricing or shipping, or take payment information and send invoices. With Parachute, get all the flexibility you need to turn an abandoned cart into a sale!


Recover abandoned carts with Parachute


For wholesale stores

When you add the power of Parachute to your abandoned cart strategy, you’ll be able save a cart as draft order instead of manually recreating each and every order. You’ll also able to instantly add shipping and discount incentives that fit your sales strategy.


28% of customers abandon because checking out is too long
or complicated

Fixing a checkout process may be difficult and time consuming but picking up the phone and calling your customer isn’t. Parachute makes it easy to take credit card information over the phone and convert an abandoned cart into a sale.


60% of checkouts are abandoned due to extra costs being too high

By giving your more flexibility with your customer’s order, Parachute can help you target incentives that are meaningful to each individual customer, giving you better opportunities to close a sale.

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Startup Plan

  • 5 abandoned cart recoveries
    per month

  • Instant cart discounts

Growth Plan

  • 20 abandoned cart recoveries
    per month

  • Instant cart discounts

Scale Plan

  • 75 abandoned cart recoveries
    per month

  • Instant cart discounts

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