Use Parachute for wholesale stores to save time and close sales faster


Using Parachute for your Shopify wholesale store is the easiest way give you and your sales team the power to instantly complete and close orders.

When you add the power of Parachute to your abandoned cart strategy, you’ll be able save a cart as draft order instead of manually recreating each and every order. You’ll also able to instantly add shipping and discount incentives that fit your sales strategy.

Here’s a few ways Parachute can assist your wholesale store:

If your wholesale store doesn’t take payment up front

You can instantly convert to draft order, fix any issues with an order and send an invoice to your customer AND add promotional items providing an extra incentive to complete their order.

If you have a sales team dedicated to wholesale

Your sales team can convert an abandoned cart order with Parachute and offer competitive pricing and incentives for the accounts they manage. Your team will love the flexibility they get to close sales on top of the time savings they get when they no longer need to recreate an order.

Parachute makes it easier to add that extra level of service to wholesale With Parachute ou can easily complete sales orders over the phone. Whether you call a customer or they call you, you can complete orders by keying in credit card information directly or adjusting orders and sending out invoices on behalf of your customers.

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