Exclusive sneak peek at Parachute

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of Parachute in action. We’ve recorded a 3 minute screencast showing Parachute’s core features and the new opportunities you’ll have to close sales when working with abandoned carts.


Hi, Andrew here.

I’m the lead developer and co-founder of Cleverific. we’re the makers of Edit Order and now Parachute.

Parachute is our new way to level up your abandoned cart strategy. It’s geared towards merchants whose products and customer service require a more personal or higher touch, and merchants who want to beyond the traditional coupon codes in your inbox

Today, I wanted to show you a quick sneak peek of Parachute and how it can help you

add a nice personal touch to finish a sale.

Starting on our Parachute Dashboard. There’s not much going on here yet except that you can change your plan if you’re really knocking it out of the park. As activity comes in, you’ll start to see some detailed reporting appear on this page.

But in the mean time, lets go to our abandoned checkouts.

On this screen, we see that there’s an abandoned checkout that I might be interested in. It’s for a higher value order, over $100, so that might be a reason why I’d want to give it a more personal touch. Let’s click in…

And now we’ll use parachute to give Steven here an offer he can’t refuse.

I’ll go to more actions, click Save as draft order

And now I’m in parachute. I can add an instant discount to the order with these easy presets. I’m going to choose 10%. And then click save

Now we have the draft order created. You’ll see that the discount I wanted was added to the order.

Now that it’s a draft order, it’s really easy to sweeten the deal for this customer by adding a promo item. I’ll add one right now

And there you go.

Let’s send the customer a little message to convince him to come back and finish this order.

And that’s it! In just a couple of clicks, we’ve turned an abandoned checkout into an order with great incentives that our customer Steven can just pay for without having to fiddle with anything else. If we had the customer on the phone we could have also just used Shopify’s Pay with credit card feature to simply accept the payment on the spot.

The flexibility you get with Parachute not helps you level up your abandoned cart strategy, it also helps you provide a great customer experience in the process.

Tu Pham